Handmade Goods from  Ukrainian Craftsmen

This Is Our Story.

Once Upon A Time.
Legend has it that in the deep, mystical forests of Ukraine, there once was a master carpenter. He
was able to carve the wood into unique shapes and impressed everyone with his craftsmanship. The
king was so amazed by the work that he ordered him to reveal his secret. But the woodworker didn’t
and disappeared into the forest. And his secret was lost forever. Or was it?
Straight From A Fairy Tale.
As young boys, we were fascinated by this story. Every time our grandfather told it we were so
curious about the carpenter’s secret and tried to make our own wooden creations. Growing up we
never gave up on that dream and traveled all over the country to find out more about this legend. We
met master carpenters who shared their own methods and visited many remote villages to discover
the traditional techniques. After a lot of research, we decided to start implementing these techniques
and the results were amazing!
The Wooden Souvenirs Of Your Dreams.
At first, we created wooden mugs and wooden sculptures for our friends and family. They were so
thrilled that we decided to start offering our creations to everyone. We utilize only the highest quality, Ukrainian wood in order to make sure that our products are unique and respect the ancient
tradition. Our wooden mugs are carved with great attention to detail, so you can proudly present
them as a gift to your loved ones.
Wooden Souvenirs You Can Be Proud Of.
Our goal is to provide you with mesmerizing and rustic wooden mugs that you can use, enjoy and
display with pride. That’s why we never offer you a product that we wouldn’t offer to our own family.
That’s our ultimate quality check!

The Legend Of The Master Carpenter Lives On.